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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 1, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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major change necessary forecast tonight. we are tracking the cold, rain and a chance of snow. what you can expect for the week ahead. the news at eleven starts now. thank you for joining us on this january 1st. i'm peggy bunker. the temperatures are already dropping outside. we are seeing 30s and 40s across the bay area. seeing a little light rain. rob is here with the details. >> right now san jose temperatures in the low to mid-40s. wet streets around downtown. light rain which has been passing by. golden gate bridge slick roadways a preview of what you will see tomorrow morning as the showers pass by.
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light rain san francisco down the peninsula. it has been testing looking at the temperatures atop of mount hamilton, 29 degrees,. north bay, santa rosa mid-30s. upper 30s. hill tops here northern son know ra county, weather advisories to lake county. coldest air. we could see snow levels 2,000 feet and rising toward tomorrow night. rain totals to start relatively light. enough obviously to have an impact on your morning commute. the seven-day forecast coming up at 11:15. look at the snow starting to pile up in the sierra. these are live pictures of the
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conditions. this is alock ng i-80. traffic has been slow going all night. chains and snow tires are required if you are driving through the area temperature tahoe could see one to two feet of new snow in the next couple of days. you can track the weather moving in this week on your phone. download the nbc bay area app. it's free. to our other top story tonight, the 49ers only one two games this year an the two men at the helm of the team have been forced out. chip kelly and the general manager have been fired. a few hours ago the team made the announcement the two were out t. nbc bay area marianne favro outside of levlevi's. it has been hard for fans to stomach 14 losses this season. >> exactly. it was a rough season. fans told us after suffering through 14 losses, this is exactly the kind of shake-up the
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niners needed. head coach chip kelly is out. shortly after the 49ers lost to the seahawks today, kelly met with the ceo and was informed he would not return after a dismal season with only two wins. in statement he said i felt the decision to change our football leadership was absolutely necessary. the performance of this team has not lived up to my expectations or those of our fans, and that is truly disappointing." . kelly is the second consecutive 49ers head coach to be fired after just one season. most fans we talked to tonight supported the decision. >> worst play calling i have ever seen in all 49 games since i have been a 49 fan an if he is responsible for it he needs to go. >> i have been a fan since the day i was born. time for a change. we need something different. >> some hoped kelly would stay. >> i think it is a little
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unfair. he only had one season and what he was given he should have another season or two to try to see what he can do with the team. >> reporter: before he learned he was fired this is what kelly had to say about rumors he was about to be axed. >> i don't live my life -- i control what i control and how we control is how to coach our players and what we do with them. if it is not good enough so be it. >> kelly wasn't the only one fired today. they also fired the general manager. he goided the team to some success in past years but lost the support of fans who flew banners over the stadium calling for his firing. >> it is unfortunate. we have been through good times but in reality there needs to be changes and hope it is a good start. >> he dedicated his career to this team and unfortunately after all of this time they let
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him go. maybe it's time for a new chapter. >> reporter: a new chapter the 49er faithful hope will lynn cloud a lot more wins. he thanked york for the opportunity to work for the team and said he was disappointed about where the team is now and sorry he couldn't produce a championship for the fans. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of mixed emotions there. the 49ers have had a rough couple of seasons when it comes to head coaches. kelly was with the team just one year. the same for the previous coach jim tomsula. some felt he was promoted before he was ready for it. he led the team one year before axed. harbaugh had a successful run. the 49ers made it to three nfc championship games and a super
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bowl. however, relations between harbaugh and the front office did sour. he left in 2014 to go to college ball and he is coaching the michigan wolverines. the team is holding a press conference at 10:00 in the morning. we will follow the latest developments with the 49ers shake-up. we will have it on the air and also on-line. the search continues for the gunman who killed 39 this weekend at a turkish nightclub. hundreds had gathered to celebrate the new year. video shows the gunman moving decisively, shooting everyone he saw in the club. within ten minutes he killed dozens and dropped his weapon. an american from delaware was shot in the leg but managed to make it out alive. >> i don't know. i saw one. >> so far there's no claim of responsibility for the
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shootings. we will have more on the search for the gunman coming up later in the newscast. the deadly new rear's attack is rattling the nerves of natives in the bay area. tom jenson talked to one man who grew up in istanbul and is watching the situation there closely. >> it's too much almost. people don't feel safe. the economy isn't well. >> reporter: he depends on facebook to get daily updates from family and friends in istanbul. >> if i say sad, nervous. >> reporter: the 42-year-old grew up in istanbul and educated there until he was 22. he and his wife stephanie were just there in october. they say it's not the same istanbul as his childhood. today he runs a nonprofit that helps to fund independent journalists and others fighting for personal freedoms in turkey.
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>> 35 to 40% of turkish people agree with the religious and restrictive government causing, what he says, is a deeply polarized country. he blames the internet, social media and fanatical propaganda that has become false truths for so many millions of people. >> there's misinformation, so much made up news. >> reporter: he says he sees effects of the propaganda of turkey and what happened in the recent presidential election. one man is dead and another in the hospital after a shooting at an apartment complex in antio antioch. several neighbors called police 7:45 last night after shots rang out at the apartments on sycamore drive. when officers got there, they found a man injured and a 6-year -old man dead. one woman saw the aftermath
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firsthand. >> gunshots going off and little kids were inside. looked outside and there was blood all over the floor. we slammed the door and everybody hit the floor and called police. >> reporter: investigators have not released the suspect description or the identities of the victims. new year's eve celebration maybe over but chp is out in force. many people have the day off tomorrow. officers are on the lookout for anyone out there drinking and driving. nbc bay area christie smith spoke to officers tonight and has more from heyward. a lot of people did celebrated last night but people are still on alert. >> new year's eve is a big night for partying and on the roads, but tomorrow a lot of folks have the day off and the kpp enforcement isn't done. with new year's eve behind us, chp officers keep working the maximum enforcement period.
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>> hopefully we won't be very busy but we will be out there looking for drunk drivers. >> reporter: the officer says maximum security runs through monday night 11:59 a.m. >> a lot of people take monday off. >> reporter: they have made five dui arrests since friday evening. and oakland six, and 11 the night before. the tragedy narrowly avoided in the south bay. just after 1:00 this morning on northbound 101, the chp says a car swerved across several lanes before landing on its roof. it caught fire and a good samaritan stepped in and tried to help the driver. >> the seat belt locked. for some reason got locked and we couldn't get it off. so deputy, off-duty deputy came by and he had a knife. we cut the seat belt off.
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>> ultimately our officers conducted a dui investigation and determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol and placed him under arrest. >> reporter: arrested but not injured. the man who helped said he had to do something despite the risk. while the chp is out there reminding drivers what's at stake. >> we want to make sure we talk to people before they crash and hurt themselves or somebody else. >> reporter: certainly the focus is on drivers who maybe impaired but they are looking for seat belt violations and speeding. reporting live in heyward, nbc bay area news. >> drive caution cautiously. daeng rouls end to a police chase. the driver drove in to a homeless encampment. officers say they tried to stop the buick near the 8580 interchange for reckless driving. the driver did not stop for officers.
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they were followed and the car got off the freeway on to surface street. he lost control at 27 and oakland and landed upside down. two people had to be taken to the hospital. they were injured. the driver of the buick was arrested after the crash. right now we are tracking chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s in the south bay and santa clara valley. air is cold enough to support low snow levels. then later big rain totals as the tropical connection aims in on california. i will have the details coming up. also coming up, new year, new laws, especially about driving with your cell phone. they just got a lot tougher. the changes you need to make if you plan to use your gps in the car. hollywood turned in to hollyweed, how a prankster pulled off this major new year's eve joke. first baby born in the bay area in 2017, this little babe girl won't be staying long.
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dangerous and troubling theft in santa cruz. police are looking for this man caught on surveillance tape stealing a bag of loaded guns out of a car. this happened last monday. police say the man broke the window of this jeep. it was parked on the side of the road, pulled out a duffel bag and inside four guns along with ammunition, as well. in addition to looking for the thief, police want to remind everyone not a good idea to leave any valuable possessions in your car, especially guns. also some airline passengers apparently not getting this message when it comes to flying with guns. the tsa confiscated a record number of guns in carry on bags in 2016. during the past year they have had to take away some pretty unusual items. here's the list. they put together a list of the strangest items they saw, like this jar of dead endangered sea horses. a passenger tried to board with it in detroit. replica of a barbed wire wrapped bat. used in the show "the walking
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dead." this was found at the atlanta airport. the strangest of all, this mannequin of a corpse, which was supposed to be a prop for a movie. someone tried to fly with that. don't think of touching that cell phone while driving in california. new laws are going in to effect. that includes going hands free behind the wheel. we have a look at what, along with other things, you can expe expect. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is keeping a close eye on what you are doing behind the wheel to make sure no one handles their cell phone while driving. >> the law law basically says one -- >> they must be mounted to the windshield or dashboard to prevent distracted driving. >> it is more prevalent than we like. distracted driving kills people. >> reporter: drivers using cell
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phones and texting behind the wheel. driving with a phone in your hand is something that many people say they see frequently. >> all the time. >> reporter: yeah? >> actually last night on the way home from work around 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the new law means $20 fine the first time you are caught with a cell phone in your hand. $50 for the sec offense. >> good idea to keep people from crashing, paying too much attention to your phone, you know. >> reporter: in other laws, minimum wage workers are getting a 50 cents raise starting today to 10.50 an hour for businesses with 26 or more employees. gun laws are changing, too. anyone owning magazines that hold more than ten rounds are required to give them up. and ammunition buyers must pass a background check before they can reload on new supplies. epipens are now more widely available for people experiencing life-threatening allergic reaction.
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colleges and private businesses can now stock them if they have a plan in place for using them. some new protections for children involved in human trafficking. young kids under 18 can no longer be charged with prostitution. instead they are considered victims, instead of criminals. >> you can read about these new laws and others that are now in effect here in california. we posted the list on the front page of the website at nbc bay look at this new year's eve prank in hollywood. it was tough to miss. someone changed the iconic hollywood sign to say hollyweed. the pot joke comes after they passed proposition in november. it legalized the use of marijuana and hemp. >> it is brilliant, hollyweed, people. welcome to 2017. >> with everything depressing this was uplifting to me. >> reporter: as word of the prank spread, the sign became a popular spot.
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people grabbed their phones and went outside for a quick selfie. the sign was quickly changed back to normal. the first baby born in 2017 in the bay area will not stay here long because home is in san diego. they were in san jose for the holiday, here to visit family. two hours in to their drive back home, leslie started to feel contractions. they turned around. grace emily moreno was born at 12 seconds after midnight at a connor hospital in san jose. her parents say they are thrilled. >> we wanted to have her before the new year, you know, but it feels amazing to have her on new year's. it was a great surprise. for me, everybody was cheering at the end and i was like oh, my gosh, it's finally over. >> reporter: turns out the doctor that delivered the little girl also delivered her dad at the same hospital 22 years ago. grace is the family's third child.
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she came in to the world 20 inches long, six pounds and 11 ounces. little beauty there. isn't she cute? that's sweet. obviously they are trying to do it -- babies arrive when they want to. >> your life works around them. >> that's right. we will be working around a little cold out right now. >> a little snow in the higher hills of the bay area over the next 24 hours before tropical moisture and warmer air come in. >> light sprinkles falling there. san jose toward downtown wet streets from 4r50i9er rain showers that moved through within the last hour or so. notice the temperatures in the mid-40s to near 50 in oakland. not going to see snow in central bay. hill tops of santa rosa, best likelihood of snow levels briefly. down to 2,000 feet and may be with heavier showers. the rain around san francisco
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and more here pushing to the east of san jose. notice the color coding on the radar. you may notice it tomorrow morning. we haven't seen that tonight up toward mount hamilton. that is at 4300 feet. you can see how the moisture is coming in from the north. the same system that dropped snow in seattle and northwestern oregon will try to push some of that polar air to the north bay. for lake county, winter weather advisory for snow. for northern sonoma county, napa county, elevations above 2,000 feet. maybe a slight chance of snowfall early. and monday afternoon you can see how the colder air is moving away winds shift out of the south. it will bring in more rain and milder temperatures approaching the middle of the week. scattered showers at times. some heavier showers may try to drop sleet at times.
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as we get in to tuesday, no more slow lowe snow chances. highs tomorrow around the south bay, low 50s. tri-valley cool day with passing showers. temperatures in san francisco in the low 50s. and perhaps around the north bay may not see 50s. upper 40s to near 50s for highs in santa rosa and napa. notice the rain intensity begin to change. tuesday at 3:00 through wednesday. you are seeing heavier showers move through. this is the pattern shift. some heavy ir rain as we head to the middle of the week and may catch a break before a patten sets up for the weekend and that could bring heavy rainfall our way as the subtropical jet stream begins to come in the bay area. we could see rain totals through midweek. the purple you see here, in the north bay, up to two to four inches of rain and more as we head in to the weekend. the seven-day forecast shows we could catch a break on thursday in to friday. the weekend storm, a closer look
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at that in the next half hour. that storm could drop a lot more rain as we go through the weekend and things will be saturated at that point t. busy seven-day forecast forecast ahead. coming up, how a slow speed chase caught on camera ended. i think i can see flashing hazards. we have the details. we live in a pick and choose world.
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we have new details tonight in russian hacking scandal. the state department confirmed all 35 russian diplomates ordered out of the country by president obama have now left the u.s. this was a reaction to evidence that russia tried to influence our presidential election and also donald trump's win.
11:27 pm
the sanctions are not likely to end there. on a visit to the country of georgia, senators john mccain and lindsey graham say they will press for more penalties. >> we believe that putin hacked in to our elections in america is trying to undermine democracy all over the world and it's time for new sanctions to hit him hard as an individual. his energy, banking sector. >> reporter: earlier this month, republican and democratic senators called for a special bipartisan panel to investigate the cyberattacks. russian officials have denied the accusations of interfering in the election. a father and son are among the dead after a dramatic mid-air crash that happened in texas yesterday. >> man, a plane crash, holy smokes. >> reporter: the ntsb says both pilots were flying under visual flight rules and were not in kangt with any kind of air control tower. the crash happened in mckinney, texas, 30 minutes north of
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dallas. >> one came pretty much straight down. the other one had a little control but he was coming down. there was no stopping it. >> reporter: once again the crash took three victims. the third victim has not been identified. the driver tried to out run chp officers but you can see it is a slow-moving chase. it did not get far or go fast. the slow-speed chase happened south of l.a. earlier today. it was going 35 miles an hour for most of the chase. officers officers ended up using a spike strip who pulled over on the freeway and gave himself up. they were trying to arrest the driver for assaulting a police officer a week ago. heading back to new york city, donald trump preparing for inauguration day that is 19 days away. the new glimpse he is giving of what his presidency could look like. we are expecting a wet start to the new year but that's not all. where we could be seeing a
11:29 pm
little snow here in the bay area.
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welcome back. we are seeing changes in the forecast for the new year. taking you outside to the golden gate bridge. the weather this week could take a toll on the roads. we are tracking the rain, cold temperatures and a little snow. rob is here with that. i can not say golden gate bridge tonight, rob. >> talking about snow gets us all tongue tied. a chance of light rain in san francisco. north of the golden gate, that's one of the best chances of finding snow, maybe down to 2500 feet or 2,000 feet overnight. east of san jose, mount hamilton, it is cold enough to see a few snow showers. as you look to the north tomorrow morning, could see a
11:32 pm
dusting of snow. temperatures overnight, the areas in blue and purple will be close to freezing. of course lake county, certainly cold enough to see snow at times and briefly around mount am ill on the. the focus as we move forward will be heavier rain for the middle of the week. rain showers at times. that's the way the morning commute will start. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a look at the heavier rain chances ahead in the forecast in a few minutes. track the forecast with our nbc bay area app. you can do it specific ally in your neighborhood and check out weather alerts, as well. the search continues for a gunman who opened fire at a turkish nightclub killing 39 people celebrating the new year there. there was an american among the wounded. richard engel has the latest from istanbul. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: at one of istanbul's exclusive nightclubs they counted down, looking
11:33 pm
forward to an exciting year to come. then just after 1:00 a.m., cctv footage caught glimpse of a terrorist arriving. bullets ricochetting off cars as he rushed to the nightclub's door. he is wearing a dark coat and a backpack. the footage slows down, shows the gunman moving decisively, shooting everyone he saws. >> saw one person they are shooting. >> reporter: witnesses tell nbc news, it took less than ten minutes to kill dozens. then the gunman dropped his weapon and escaped among the fleeing survivors. this woman says her husband was shot next to her. there were people on top of me. i pushed them off. everyone was crying. the smell of gun powder was everywhere, she said. the club is called popular witht set. least 39 people are dead.
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their families overcome with grief. now a manhunt is underway. turkish officials say they are confiden they will catch him. so far there's been no claim of responsibility. the suspicion here is this is the work of isis. this club is right along the waterway and during the attack some people were jumping in to the freezing water to escape. last night and today, the coast guard was fishing out injured and terrified survivors. richard engel, nbc news. pope francis prayed for the victims of the attack during his weekly appearance at st. peters square today. the pope denounced the attack, which was carried out on what he called a night of good wishes and hope. the pope prayed for the victim and their families as well as all turkish people. we will continue to monitor the developments in turkey and the search for the gunman continues. check out the latest on our
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website at nbc bay area a violent start to the new yaoer in san francisco, as well. police are investigating two homicides in the city. the first in in the mission district at 26th street just after 2:00 this morning. police say they found a man shot in the chest. he later died at the hospital. the second deadly shooting happened in the bay view district after 11:00 this morning. police say a man was shot in the face there in the area of third and oakdale streets. he also died at the hospital. so far, there are no suspects in either crime. president-elect trump gets back to work tomorrow. some recent comments have raised more questions about the hacking attack tied to russia and the response by the obama administration. kelly o'donnell has the latest on that. >> reporter: black tie bash to cap the president elect's holiday season. palm beach list and trump style extravagance. for family, celebrity friends and paying guests at the mar-a-lago party.
11:36 pm
>> make america great again, okay? >> reporter: speaking to reporters, donald trump again casts douts on the u.s. intelligence view that russia is behind the election year hacking. >> i know a lot about hackers and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. >> reporter: trump went further and claimed without explanation of insider knowledge. >> i also know things that other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> reporter: today trump's future white house press secretary suggested obama's orders for sanctions and expulsion of russian diplomates could be out of proportion. so there is a question of whether there is a political retribution here versus a diplomatic one. >> reporter: house intelligence committee adam schiff said the evidence is solid. >> democrats, republicans numon of us have any question about this. the only one that does is donald trump. >> reporter: trump headed back to business in new york. while in washington, setting the
11:37 pm
stage for trump to take the oath of office in just 19 days. but analysts say building support for his presidency beyond trump voters is a longer project. >> there are a lot of raw emotions going in to this inauguration. it would be foolish to think that those emotions are healed in the course of a couple of weeks. >> we are 19 days away until donald trump will be inaugurated as president. stay with nbc bay area for the latest developments for that. our raj mathai will be heading to washington to bring you live reports throughout the day. still to come tonight, mild confusion over an airline accounts and a credit card. nbc bay area respond when a frequent flyer account mysteriously is wiped clean. but first a look at sports. hey, guys. coming up in sports after finishes the season with a 2-14 record, the 49ers have made major changes to the front
11:38 pm
office. and the raiders cannot catch a break. after losing derek carr, they lost the division tight tl and another quarterback. more on that next in sports.
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we begin with the shake up in santa clara. the 49ers have had three head coaches in the past three seasons. now they are in the hunt for a new head coach. also, a new gm general manager. op the first day of the new year, they have been relieved of their duties. baalke had been with them since 2005. kelly is fired after one season with the team. york will address the team at
11:40 pm
10:00 a.m. monday morning. here's our insider with more on the situation. >> i think this decision was made because the organization york in particular, didn't feel chip kelly's way of doing things would have long-term success at the nfl level. you can say he only had one year, his roster wasn't very good but i think this was made with the thought of can he build something that sustains near with the 49ers and ultimately york decided the answer was no. so, where do the 49ers go? they need a general manager. they need a head coach. what they need, though, is a general manager/head coach. two players in this game that work together and are tied at the hip. and feed off of each other and work well together. and aren't pulling in different directions. when the team is going bad you don't have one person saying, well, it's that person's fault. there's no fingerpointing. that's the goal for the 49ers is
11:41 pm
to create continuity with the head coach and general manager working on the same page. a package deal, if you will. >> thank you, matt. 49ers hosting the seahawks. fans showing they missed harbaugh. he runs it in and makes it 7- 7-3 49ers. then again. he made it 14-3, 49ers. things are looking good for san francisco. later in the quarter, storming back retakes the lead. they hold on to win. the 49ers finish with just two wins. . he was six of 11 for 21 yards an he was knocked out of the game on that hit. so insert connor cook. the rookie making his nfl debut.
11:42 pm
he didn't do much better. one of three turnovers for the raiders. oakland never in the game. 17-0 in the third. simeon finds an open green in the end zone. the raiders lose 24-6. >> what we talked about is you get what you earn, okay? we wanted the division. we didn't earn that. but we earned the playoffs. we won 12 games this year. we earned a spot in the playoffs i'm confident in this group of men. i feel it is a good kbroup group of men that really care about each other. they care about this team. you know, they are prideful. i think we will find a way to bounce back and be ready to roll next week. >> don't want to feel like this ever again. you have that taste in your mouth so the week of preparation on to the next one and once we have the game next saturday study hard, bust our tails in practice and give our all against whoever we are playing.
11:43 pm
just foul taste in your mouth after a game. >> that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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you put in all of those miles on those uncomfortable flights only to lose the perks. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco man whofrequent flyer account was wiped clean and he couldn't understand why. >> david james has been using a
11:46 pm
hawaiian airlines mastercard, the card that rewards miles for purchases. but he noticed his miles balance has been wiped clean. he reached out to us and we learned from hawaiian airlines that his wife was the primary account holder. so the miles have been accumulating in her account. since david hasn't had any activity on his account for 18 months his miles expired. this is a good lesson for all of tus. miles earned through credit card purchases are only awarded to one person, even if there are two or more on the account. you need to keep your miles reward account active or you are going to lose your miles. that inactivity period varies by airline, by the way. back to david, he and his wife were always frequent hawaiian airlines travelers, but they stopped traveling when his wife became seriously ill and she recently died. when hawaiian airlines heard the story, it reinstated his miles.
11:47 pm
the company said it considers extraordinary circumstances and evaluates each case individually. if you have a consumer complaint call 888-996-tips or visit us on-line at nbc bay >> good for hawaiian. did the right thing. good to hear. microclimate forecast. >> least short term. a chance of snow around mount hamilton. in the south bay and perhaps to the higher hills of northern sonoma and napa county overnight. thanks to the cloud cover not too chilly. mid-40s right now from san jose to palo alto. you notice as you get to santa rosa and napa, we have temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. rain you see it there. few showers east of san jose. we have seen air cold enough, 29
11:48 pm
degrees. some of that maybe falling in the form of snow showers. not going to be nonstop all-day rain. more scattered showers at times. like we are seeing now. increasing in coverage as we head to tomorrow morning and during the day passing showers, a little sun at times. cool temperatures, highs in the mid-50s around san jose. one of the warmer spots in the area. low 50s toward concord. san francisco cool northwest wind and passing shower. highs in the low 50s and 40s to near 50 in the north bay. the hill tops, winter weather advisory for snowfall in lake county through monday. rain picking up at times during the day as we go through monday. notice the intensity begins to increase noon on tuesday. notice tuesday evening in to wednesday, that's when we begin to see heavier rain arrive. the cooler rain is out of the area. warm air from the south and west. tuesday in to wednesday, that's
11:49 pm
one window where we think we will see some locally heavy rain. by thursday and friday. as things stand right now, may catch a break and then everything recharges up again saturday in to sunday. we will be looking at potential for very heavy rain at times, especially during the day on sunday. what will happen here is the moisture that is diverted from the bay area, that's going to be drawn to the incoming system. whenever the subtropical jet stream gets involved, referred to the pineapple express. that is what we think will boost the rain rates. especially in to saturday and sunday. the seven-day forecast outlook, slight chance of chilly showers during the day tomorrow. rain picking up heavier tuesday in to wednesday. then thursday in to friday, should catch a break but keep a close eye on the weekend forecast. by the time we get to saturday and sunday, ground will be saturated and we could see possibly seven days out but
11:50 pm
twice the amount of rain on tuesday and wednesday. coming down on sunday alone. the coastal hill tops, north bay locations, you will want to stay tuned to that forecast as we head to next week. >> a lot of rain. thank you so much. coming up next, meet iron ma max. how this boy inspired a comic book giant to create a character just for him.
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11:52 pm
a young boy's courageous fight was enough to capture an comic book company's attention. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: it's been quite a year for 6-year-old max. super fan of comic books an now a super hero himself.
11:53 pm
>> yes! >> reporter: we first met him in january after surgeons put a port in his chest for the medicine treating his hemophilia. a disease that prevents blood from clotting. >> you are going to get a metal disk in your chest like ironman and i will never forget his response -- i get to be iron man oon. >> that is okay. >> yeah, it is. >> when marvel comics heard about max, they wrote a story about him and called him iron max. how proud are you to be in the iron man comic books? >> proud. plenty proud. proud. >> reporter: he got the grand tour of marvel headquarters in new york. >> like a random kid who has hemophilia, wears a helmet all the time. walk around. super hero in a comic book. >> reporter: it has changed his
11:54 pm
family, too. his big sister zoe created a calendar, hearts for hemophilia raising $15,000 to help people like max. >> every is coming up to us like max is a hero. >> i'm not really a super hero but people call me super hero and i think i could be a super hero if i do more super hero things. >> reporter: but a little boy fighting a disease and helping others sure sounds like the definition of a super hero to us. nbc news, new york. still ahead tonight, a tradition not for the faint of heart. why people have been braving these chilly waters for decades.
11:55 pm
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11:57 pm
if you don't mind the cold water this is perhaps a good tradition for you. certainly not for the faint of heart, though. the polar bear plunge that took place this morning at the san francisco aquatic park. close to 100 swimmers started off the new year by braving these cold temperatures in the bay. very brave. the polar bear swim takes place since the '30s but it possibly served a different purpose than just a brisk swim. >> originally they used to view it as a hangover cure when they jumped off a ferry both and swim back. now it is more of a well-planned event. >> love that. do something more painful than your hangover. could be the cure there. don't let the sunshine fool you. organizer sass i the water temperature there was about 50 degrees. >> clearly done it before. everybody having a good time. not rushing to get out of the water. >> no wet suits. out with the swim caps. very brave. >> cold enough to see a few snow showers on the radar around
11:58 pm
mount hamilton tonight. seeing that on the radar loop east of san jose and then the transition later tomorrow will be riding snow levels. still a chance. especially the north bay could see snow at times. heavier rain tuesday in to wednesday and next weekend, stay tuned, possibly very heavy rain across the mountains. >> how about that. hang on to those resolutions. day one is done. hang in there. thank you for joining us. have a great night and a good week ahead. - at any point since you've retired,
11:59 pm
12:00 am
has the thought of coming back crossed your mind? - never. although i tell you, people ask me, "do you miss it?" and i say, "absolutely, i wish i could still play." (in depth theme music) - [graham] wayne gretzky, the best hockey player ever, and one of the most dominant athletes of all time. - i worked on my craft from the time i was five years old to the time i retired at 39. and i knew what i had. - as a child prodigy, the ontario native played on organized teams as early as five years old


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